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This page dedicated to our band “Les Echos” and to our friends all over the world. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The above photo was taken way back in 1966 while playing at the Lido Hotel in Lubumbashi (formally Élisabethville our country of birth).

The band was formed in 1964 and consisted of (from left to right): Raimondo Benatar (Bass guitar & Piano), Jacques Alhadeff (Rhythm guitar) Nissim Angel (Saxophone), Matteo Coné (Lead Guitar), Nisso Nick Cohen (Drums) and Leon Cohen (Singer).

We hired Hofner Guitars, Vox Amplifiers, Vox Echo chamber and microphones. It was a great evening, the crowd kept on dancing all night to the beat of our music till the wee hours of the morning.

Writing about the songs we played that evening brings some nostalgia for me as well as fond memories of our youthful years. The songs we played are:

Aline    Biche oh my biche – Capri c’est fini – Cosy   –  Satisfaction – Kathy – La bamba  – Let’s Twist Again  – Mes mains sur tes hanches – Never on Sunday – O mio signore – Peace Pipe – Roberta – Sonio – The house of the rising sun Twist and shout   –  Walk don’t run   –  Zorba the Greek    – Ximeroni   –  Stewball 

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Nisso’s drums with our logo                                            I received the electric guitar on my 15th birthday.



Jacques Alhadeff  submitted these photographs of the amazing band Les Echos playing at different venues.

Left to right: Matteo, Nisso and Jacques

Jacques – Venue: Le Lido

Left to right: Jacques, Nisso and Matteo


Back: Raymond – Front: Leon    Venu: Party at Kunduris

Jacques and Raymond

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